Should I Pursue a Vocational Degree?

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As job openings in the United States continue to grow, with over 10.4 milliion openings as of September, 2021, many are asking if they have the qualifications to be hired. In some cases, job experience might just be enough. In others, more education might be required. For those looking to switch careers, or retrain into a different area of their career, additional studies might be ideal.

The great news is, there are lower cost options for this type of training, in a shorter amount of time. Vocational programs offer training directly related to a career or profession. According to the U.S Bureau of Labor, the next 10 years ending in 2030 lists many professions that only require vocational training. Cosmetology is expected to grow by 19.4% for example. If this was your dream career, there would not be a need to study at a 4 year college. There are many cosmetology schools that offer certificates in as little as 6 months. The cost is typically substantially lower than what a 4 year degree would entail.

Paralegals are in high demand as well, with a 12% growth projection for the next decade. In contrast with Cosmetology, which does not offer Bachelors degrees, Paralegal degrees do exist. If you have already acheived a 4 year degree in Paralegal Studies, you would more than likely be qualified to join a quality law office in your area. Again, the good news is, many law offices only require a Vocational degree certificate or associates degree. These programs range from a year to two years to complete, at a much less cost than a 4 year program.

The point is, vocational programs have been overlooked for a long time. At a time when most believe only a 4 year degree qualifies them for a great career, vocational degree programs have their benefits. Take the time to reflect on what your goals are, and what ideal path you need to take. For those who can grasp a firm understanding of what they want, they will be able to figure out how much education and training is needed. Vocational degree programs could be the answer!




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